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What is Official Exchange?

Official Foreign Exchange is the purchase or sale of foreign currency at an institution authorized by the Central Bank to carry out this type of business. Exchange houses must have this authorization and if you want to have a little more peace of mind, ABRACAM, which is the national association of foreign exchange brokers, has developed a quality seal where the exchange houses that hold it are audited to better serve you. , which is the case of Porto Velho Câmbio, through Treviso Corretora de Câmbio. The importance of purchasing your foreign currency from an official currency exchange is the guarantee of purchasing true and documented currencies, providing you with peace of mind and security in your business. For each transaction made, a document must be generated that proves that you acquired the foreign currency correctly and this document states that the exchange office is authorized by Bacen for this purpose. Don't go out and buy dollars or euros, or any other foreign currency out there, as you could be getting into trouble. Porto Velho Câmbio, your exchange office in Porto Velho. WhatsApp (69)99901-2503 @portovelhocambio

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