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What do I need to buy foreign currency?

To buy foreign currency, although it scares many people in the period before international travel, it is very simple to do.

As nowadays everything you buy requires registration, in the case of purchasing currency it is no different.

You need to present a personal document with a photo and are usually asked for full address, telephone number, email address and other basic and personal information. And that's it, in just a few minutes your registration is done.

Now we will talk about the purchase operation itself. If it is a purchase of up to 1000 US dollars or the equivalent in other currencies, payment can be made in cash, PIX, TED (electronic transfer), debit or credit card (in the case of cards, the machine fee is charged ).

Now, if the value exceeds 1000 US dollars or the equivalent in another currency, it cannot be made with cash (reais), only through the other forms of payment mentioned above.

See? It's very easy and faster than you think. Now just get organized and stop by Porto Velho Câmbio, or contact our team via Whatsapp 69-99901-2503 and request your foreign currencies.

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