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How do prepaid cards in foreign currency work?

Prepaid cards are international credit cards, but unlike normal cards, they will not generate an invoice, the amount paid or withdrawn at the ATM is debited from your balance automatically immediately after the financial transaction. The benefits of the card are broad, you can use it both for purchases and for withdrawals from ATMs, the cards are rechargeable, which makes it easier to save money for your future trip or even top up while you are away via the internet, generates security in case it is lost or stolen, blocking it to protect your remaining balance and unlike credit cards, when you load the amount of currency you will use on your trip, you already know exactly how much you are spending on the exchange rate. currency, which with a normal credit card you will only know when you close your invoice, in this case you are vulnerable to exchange rate fluctuations until the day your invoice is closed. Normally the price is slightly below the price for purchasing physical currency, but, on the other hand, the IOF (Tax on financial operations) remains at 5.38%. But rest assured, at the turn of the year 2023 to 2024 it will drop to 4.38%. A very interesting suggestion would be to buy half of what you will use on the trip in cash, physical currency and the other half on the card, since the IOF of the currency is 1.10%, taking half-half, you make an average of 3.24 % of total taxes, you have the security of carrying your card and the possibility of recharging it even while traveling. Now just get organized and stop by Porto Velho Câmbio, or contact our team via WhatsApp 69-99901-2503 and request your foreign currencies.

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