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Understand the difference between Commercial and Tourism Dollars

It is very common for people to confuse the commercial dollar with the tourism dollar. This occurs because the dollar that is normally promoted in the media is the commercial one, and ends up becoming a reference both for people and for the formation of the price of the "tourism" currency.

Commercial is intangible, normally used to send values abroad, whether for transfers to your own account (availability), or to third party accounts (resident maintenance) or even for import operations or export. Therefore, there are no costs as we will see below.

The tourism dollar, or the tourism euro, is the physical banknote, and as physical as it is, it needs to come from its origin to Brazil. This currency normally arrives through São Paulo and needs to be distributed to the most varied locations in each store in the country. Therefore, there is the incidence of costs that do not exist in the "commercial" one, such as transportation, insurance, storage, among others, which make the "tourism" currency a currency. more expensive than the “commercial” one. Now just get organized and stop by Porto Velho Câmbio, or contact our team via WhatsApp 69-99901-2503 and request your foreign currencies.

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